Back In The Day

Back In The Day

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活动时间:2017年04月22日 22:00~2017年04月23日 03:00
活动地点:上海 静安 华山路449号宝成大楼1层(近乌鲁木齐中路)DOWNTOWN酒吧
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  • 下面这个重磅炸弹接好,准备被直接炸回hiphop的黄金年代。

    就在这个周末一名hiphop小学生上海本土rapper ——Mr.weezy 准备了一架时光机带着我们一起起飞,


    回到那个黄金年代, 感受那个时代的hiphop的活力和大家融合在一起的感觉。

    Back In The Day


    时间time:4月22号,这个星期六 一起从玩嗨到早!


    这个party叫Back In The Day
    这个party是让上海的hiphop爱好者能玩到一块 聚集到一块 让大家都能自由的融入进hiphop氛围里 也让大家为这个城市文化的推动贡献自己的力量
    欢迎上海的新人一起加入 更多的新鲜血液一起来推动上海hiphop的氛围
    让大家有回到黄金年代的感觉 感受那个时代的hiphop的活力和大家融合在一起的感觉

    hiphop就是要玩的开心 自由 这个party欢迎任何的hiphop爱好者和新老rapper加入 让我们一起为上海hiphop文化的推动做出自己的贡献 共同努力
    在这里没有明星 没有大小之分 只有朋友兄弟 只有一起玩hiphop的快乐
    最重要的是我们都有一个共同的HIPHOP梦想 让五湖四海的兄弟齐聚上海,为HipHop推广出自己的一份力

    如果你认为你只是个来听歌的听众那你就大错特错了。这个party会有特别环节的cypher让每个来的朋友都能融进来,一起躁一起演出。 欢迎大家一起来传递麦克风传递梦想, 说出自己表达真实。


    Uche Sam

    纽约土生土长的Luciano,曾经是一个街边B-box表演者,他的音乐内容一开始非常幽默以至于都没法rap,直到转为hip hop曲风.

    Clem De La Creme is a Shanghai based artist, emcee, producer and DJ. Raised in Chicago, Clem De La Creme brings an urban sound that motivates people who want to make changes in their lives and pursue dreams while making the world a better place for others.


    J-Vern also known as Many Mania

    Is an up and coming rapper/singer/songwriter Born in La Plata Maryland, mainly raised over seas. His introduction to the arts was at a young age through his grandfather, and later was introduced to music production by his oldest brother. Now Vern is currently stationed in Shanghai China where he will drop his first Mixtape Dusty City featuring members of his label "Blancc State” founded alongside long time friend and producer mmhmm.

    When it comes to my music the only word that comes to mind is diversity. It includes a lot of melodies, lyrical word play, and bass in order to create an atmosphere for listeners without them having to actually be there. I put a lot of time and thought into each word I place on a notes' page, and bring a myriad of energy to each stage I touch. I have spent almost my entire life overseas where I have been able to craft together my individuality while also keeping up with modern music trends with my sights on creating new ones. Overall, my style is a collaboration off all genres which have influenced me over the years such as Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, and elements of Rock, Gospel, as well as, Country

    DJ JK
    Skinny OG&Queen Diamond

    S¥ up and coming MC from Los Angeles, CA, USA. dropped his first project with his producer Mzuri late last year E.U.T.S (Everything Under The Sun) he is part of a movement AMEN RAW who will have more music coming out soon later this year.



    American Artist from Washington DC and Columbus, Ohio. Known as Uniquesoul (Singer/Painter), but known on the Shanghai Hip Hop Scene as BUSMAN 4.0. Working in China over 4 years teaching and sharing entertainment in Asia. Uniquesoul has performed with some of the biggest Shanghai Performers in the city and have performed on some of the largest musical platforms such as Encore Live at The Mercedes Benz Arena, Multiple Summer Festival with some of the biggest DJ's and known as a member of THE FOUNDATION (HIP HOP BAND IN SHANGHAI). Outside of this, Uniquesoul is an Actor, Book writer, Fashion Designer and Art English Teacher. "When, I am not doing entertainment, I am enjoying being a young father to my 3 amazing kids who also do acting and music". Currently, I am working on a couple projects with Mr. Weezy with my Bus Stop Competition Event, I am writing a new book, I am teaching business courses and I will be releasing my new BUSMAN 4.0 "ONE" ALBUM this SUMMER 2017. STAY TUNED. BLESS UP

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